C96 Comic Market Summer 2019 (August 9-12)


C96 Comic Market Summer 2019 (August 9-12)

C96 Comic Market Summer 2019&TonaCos


Hello! I’m KUROZORA!

Comic Market was held from August 9-12, 2019!

This summer’s Comiket is 4 days! Wow!


I really wanted to write a lot before Comiket, but the time has gone.(´・ω・`)

So I participated on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th day!


Comiket held for the first 4 days, first use of Aomi venue and South exhibition hall by splitting the venue, first paid ticket sales at wristband, guidance problem of waiting queue for admission, etc.

There were a lot of comikes this year, including bad ones …



Well, but this time I will only write what was fun!



I went on the schedule of cosplay participation on the second day → TonaCos, cosplay participation on the third day, general participation on the fourth day → TonaCos participation!


※TonaCos stands next to Cosplay Expo(隣でコスプレ博 Tonari de Copray Haku). A cosplay event held at the TFT building near the Comike venue to coincide with the Comike event.



This summer was very hot and I thought I wouldn’t have physical strength for 3 days, so I went to the venue around 11:00 for all 3 days I participated!

Because I had arrived around 9am at the summer Komi before and walked around the venue for about an hour during the scorching, I try not to overdo it in summer.

I just need to get a cosplay first admission!




・ On the second day, I arrived at 11:00 and entered the ticket arm. Announcing admission restrictions around 12:00 when changing clothes (can I enter without a ticket?)

Join together with friends!

It was the day I met my friend most!

After Comiket, I participated in TonaCos!



・ The third day is about 11:30. I couldn’t see the end of the waiting line on the bridge, and the line was getting ready before the staircase, so I bought drinks and rice and took a break in the shade.

Even after 12 o’clock, the waiting line from the bridge was not fully admitted … It was the day that many ambulances were called.

As the line disappeared around 12:40, we entered. Still a great number of people are walking towards the venue!

I was alone, but on the escalator heading to the changing room, I met a male layer who was getting along! !

I did cosplay together and walked Comiket!





・ On the 4th day, arrive late at 12:00.

I participated in this day’s Comiket without cosplaying!

I went to buy a super cool photo book for my friend, Layer, and see what kind of photo book is out!

The number of cosplay booths has increased considerably in the last few years … It seems like there were only two rows in the past, but are you bothering me?

And I participated in TonaCos from this evening too!



Comiket was really fun! Thank you!

I’ll post a photo!
I’ll post more pictures that my friends took!

Day 2 Comiket! ! Mr. Akai from Detective Conan!

It’s hot and makeup is falling off! (Lol)

Little boy! Conan: Shou




Day 3 Comiket! ! Natsuki!

With NattoKin I met by chance! ! was fun!

Day 3 and Kos! ! Natsuki! In yukata!



I’d like to upload the photos you took!(*‘ω‘ *)