Shooting for Cosplay Photo Album


照星 Shousei photo collection


Long time no see!

This time is the story of the next photo book! 😀



About the time when we are editing the last Hyogo Suigun photo book “Oni no Gi”

If I make next,
I thought that it would be a photo collection of Shousei-san, or a photo collection of Doi-sensei again.




It was November, six months after the publication of “Oni no Gi”, that I took the first shot.

And the second shooting is May.

And the third is November 2018 ….

The original concept has disappeared from memory. www




I did my best to “Oni no Gi”

I made an excuse, but I intend to complete it as one book.

And finally! ! ! ! ! !

I took a third shot on November 10, 2018 …! w




I am working while thinking that editing of the photo book was so difficult.

Editing a solo photo collection is lonely …

The coterie writer is amazing …

I spend a lot of energy and time to finish one book! ! ! !

I will do my best!

I hope I can bring it to Osaka Nin FES. And Tokyo Nin FES.



↑ One year has already passed since shooting in November 2017(´・ω・`)





↑ Taken in May 2018  Tamura:Yu


Look forward to it!


→ Photobook “Shousei”(「照星」) has been published! Booth Available in Pixiv 黒空の部屋 and only events.




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