Nintamarantarou, Hyougosuigun, Oigumomaru, Yoshimaru,Cosplay  鬼蜘蛛丸&義丸


Nintamarantarou, Hyougosuigun, Oigumomaru, Yoshimaru,Cosplay  鬼蜘蛛丸&義丸

Do you know the Hyogo Hydro Army?

The Hyogo Mizuki Army is a fictional pirate that appears in Shinobu Rantaro, but in the original and animation works, the pirates and organizational formation of that time are depicted in a detailed depiction.

Each character has its own personality and it’s very cool!


鬼蜘蛛丸:黒空  義丸:由  Photo:もか

(Onigumomaru:Kurozora Yoshimaru:Yuu Photo:Moka)


As you know, it is a 25-year-old set of Hyogo water army. (Hyogo-suigun)

It was Nintamarantarou musical school festival until Sunday of the other day.

Oh dear … Thank you Hyogo water army …

It seems that the 25-year-old group wrote … just two years ago.


At that time, I did not think that I could be fascinated by pirates for two years and continue the cost of Onigumomaru.


The 25-year-old photo collection 鬼ノ義 ( “Oninogi” ) could also be made with considerable heat.

I think that I still do not have enough, but I learned how to express in layout and paper anew for 鬼ノ義 ( “Oninogi” )

I was able to find out the historical water army that became a model with the help of Yu and feel the reality that the water army was not a fictional one but actually existed in me.

It will be a little publicity, but please take it if you like it because it is a confident product.

The photo is the first photo of cosplaying Onigumomaru and Yoshimaru!


NIntamarantarou, Hyougosuigun, Oigumomaru, Yoshimaru,Cosplay


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