Tokyo Cosplay Event Summary

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Tokyo Cosplay Event Summary

Hello! I am KUROZORA!

I had many cosplay shots and studio shots at outside events, but recently I have been involved in cosplay in town.

As I have become more involved in Acosta! and TDC, I would like to squeeze them into Tokyo suburbs events for a while (* ‘ω‘ *)

(Because I am an amateur, I would be glad if you could tell me that there are other events as well!)




<Goodness of a large town cosplay event>

1, You can also feel free to join

The aim is to take cosplay photos in the studio and the main location-related events, but you can enjoy city events as a festival with one or two people.

The participation fee is around 2000 yen and I think it can be enjoyed by cosplay beginners and even those who just started cosplay!


2. You can interact with friends and cosplayers of your favorite genre.

I think that the purpose is different depending on the person, but in my image I think that the elements of interaction and play are larger than shooting.

(Of course, depending on the location and the way of shooting, you can take a nice photo!)


You can meet with cosplayers connected via Twitter, etc., and it’s fun to take pictures (Selfie) together! !

Of course, I think it’s okay to call a cosplayer of your favorite genre and become a friend!


3, It is a festival of cosplayers

Depending on the event, you may enter the restaurant with the cosplay costume, take a Print Club, or ride a ride in the amusement park!

A large town cosplay event can be casually attended, so a large number of cosplayers and photographers will attend.

I think it is a festival of people who want to enjoy cosplay. 



Well then! It is Tokyo cosplay event summary!




・acosta! Ikebukuro Sunshine City(アコスタ/a!)

Hosted byHACOSTADIUM’s management company.


Nearest stations: Ikebukuro / Higashi-Ikebukuro

Participation fee: Approximately 1,500 yen …

Feature: Held in central Ikebukuro.

There are restaurants and game centers available in the central area as they are in cosplay.


Speaking of Acosta was originally one Ikebukuro Sunshine City held.Recently, events have been held at Toshimaen (originally sponsored by other groups), Saitama Super Arena, and Kyoto Station in Kansai!




・TDC(Tokyo Dome City)

It is a cosplay event to be held in Tokyo Dome City!The sponsoring groups are Newlayers Paradise and Cosplay Festa TDC.


Nearest station: Suidobashi / Korakuen

Participation fee: Approximately 2300 yen …

Feature: A ticket for the Korakuen Amusement Park is attached.

Dampa will also be held at the same venue.





Sponsored by YUSYAYA(勇者屋)


Nearest station: International Exhibition Center, Tokyo Big Sight

Participation fee: Approximately 2,000 yen …

Features: There are many beautiful locations where you can shoot.It may be an image of interchange between shootings.

I was wondering if I could enter the town event, but I was able to enter it because of the ease of participation and the ease of interaction.

(Meeting place where “Tonna cos” is held during the Comiket holding period)



・Extra edition

Comic Market (Comiket)

Comic Market (Commike) is also an easy-to-use spot sale event.I think it’s very fun to participate in cosplaying cosplay.

However, to participate in cosplay in Comiket, I need a different attitude from other cosplay events (instead of being overwhelmed) and I hope you can introduce it again!




As mentioned above, we introduced the cosplay event of the city which is easy to participate even for the first time (of course, it is easy for the gentoos to also participate)!

In Tokyo, such events that can be casually held are held once or twice a month.


Of course, there are other Tokyo and Tokyo suburbs cosplay events, so please check out those who are interested!

Protect the rules & manners and have a wonderful cosplay life!


Tokyo Cosplay Event