Hypnosis Mike,Cospray,Yumeno Gentarou&Ramuda

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Hypnosis Mike,Cospray,Yumeno Gentarou&Ramuda

Hello. I am Kurozora.
I am a Japanese male cosplayer. Thank you for coming to this page!


The other day, I participated in “Ikebukuro Acosta!”, A famous cosplay event in Tokyo!
I have been doing Hypnosis Mike’s Yumeno Gentarou cosplay!



As it is a very seasonal genre, there are people who are doing Hipmai cosplay as long as you look over it.


It was in such a seasonal genre so long ago!


I was excited because I had never cosplayed popular genres or seasonal genres until now


Toukenranbu was also popular after a while, and was doing cosplay while watching the situation



But my heart was tickle.


If I think it’s good, I’ll immediately want to do it.

However, I am a genius who thinks that I hate the same as everyone.…


“Everything is a lie.”






I decided to do it honestly if I wanted to do it without giving up!


Heavenly demons are wasteful!


“Well, it’s all a lie.”


A friend’s friend’s cameraman took a picture very nicely.💛



Special Thanks Nanase