About the subculture cosplay

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About the subculture cosplay


It has been six years since I started cosplay. Hello! I’m KUROZORA.

It is less frequent, but I am still full of greed and desire to cosplay!

This time about writing notes about cosplay!

Recently I’m surprised that new clothes that can be bought online are getting cheaper and cheaper.


I can’t really recommend anime cosplay costumes that you can buy cheaply on the Internet. Because it is an unofficial thing that some contractors and so on make up freely.



However, cosplay culture has grown to this extent thanks to the fact that more people are able to cosplay because it is cheaper to buy.

There are more cosplay studios, and more places are available cheaper.
I can not say anything so great because I receive a little benefit.


Costumes and wigs were higher than when I first started cosplaying (around 2011) compared to now (2019).
Distribution of the official costumes and costume costumes in Japan was the main one.


The wig was not able to be bought for 2000 yen like now, but the short style wig was nearly 4000 yen or 5000 yen.


Even costumes such as simple school uniforms were cheaper than now with around 13,000 yen or 15,000 yen even if cheap!



When I heard the story of those who cosplayed for a long time ago, the costumes were only made-to-order, so it was rough to say that the first over 30,000 yen was over, etc.


I had to make all the costumes myself,

There was no cosplay wig, there was only a real wig, and it was normal to cosplay with my own hair



Now you can buy it for 2,000 yen or 3,000 yen with a wig that is set as a character on the internet, it’s great.


The costume does not cost 10,000 yen with blazer + pants + shirt + belt of the school animation.
You can buy it for 5,000 yen, so great!


Also the color contact is great! ! !
When I started cosplaying, everyone was not so much a colorcon.


New makeup technology is born one after another.
I think that there is a trend in the cosplay makeup and it is interesting.



It was originally a hobby that nerds hide and do.
But now, there are a lot of people who are proudly nerds and do cosplay.


Subculture starts from a minor (minority), grows larger and becomes a major, and the destination is mostly obsolete.


I feel that cosplay is a culture that is likely to expand.


It is a small culture that is still seen as a prejudice if you try it to the general public, but maybe it will become like an Olympic Games.

Cosplay is really interesting!



It was a disappointing short story!

I was thinking of putting together a cosplay shop in Tokyo, but I will do it next time! LOL

Cosplay is an art.